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KDEWall4 by JeffryRoldan (License CC-BY-NC-SA With authorization from the author to use it for this project).

Video (Lisence CC-BY-SA)

Мы рок-группа license CC-BY
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Crédits du morceau: Кирилл Скобелин - вокал, Николай Копытов - гитара, Попов Алексей - бас, Коваль Александр - баян, Карпешин Артём - барабаны
From Honour To Horror license CC-BY
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Crédits du morceau: Christiaan Bakker
User liberation FSF video license CC-BY-SA
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Credits :Urchin Fateh Slavitskaya (Script, Voice, Production), Bassam Kurdali (Animation, Production) Free Software Foundation: Libby Reinish, John Sullivan, Zak Rogoff

Kde Oxygen Icons

The following images contain oxygen icons from the Kde project, an are therefore published under LGPL license. (see https://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Oxygen/Licensing and https://www.kde.org/)


Free Art License (see http://www.gnu.org/graphics/gnusvgart.fr.html)

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