Own-Mailbox is back!

It’s been a while since last news, and yet many important evolutions happened in Own-Mailbox code recently!

Fresh new setup interface.

A brand new setup interface was developed based on admin LTE.  Here is a demonstration of this new interface.

see the code here: https://github.com/Own-Mailbox/Setup-web-interface

Anyone can now setup a proxy server.

Own-Mailbox was previously relying on an unpublished, undocumented, and not clean proxy server. We now have a code repository allowing to easilly  create an instance of Own-Maibox proxy server, based on docker.

See: https://github.com/Own-Mailbox/proxy

Fetching GPG keys anonymously from key server

A big missing feature in Own-Mailbox was the ability to fetch a GPG key from a key server, forcing the user to receive keys attached to emails. This is now solved, and you can fetch encryption keys anonymously through tor. See a demonstration here:

We will soon add the possibility to auto-publish the generated GPG key on a key server, during first time setup, as well.

Testing in virtual machines.

It is now easier than ever to test Own-Mailbox in a virtual machine based on qemu. In order to test Own-Mailbox in a virtual machine follow these simple instrucions:



We have enabled HSTS in order to force the browser to only access the webmail in https. This enforces better security.

A lot of code cleaning!

The own-mailbox code as been maturing a lot since alpha release. Many bugs were corrected, and a lot of cleaning has been done.

A brand new website

Cleaner, more up to date, more responsive, with a remastered video!  We could not launch again Own-Mailbox without a brand new site: www.own-mailbox.com

Many other news are to come!

We will be releasing some exiting news at a rapid pace now. Expect some ice-breaking news in less than 2 weeks. And we are going to move at a rapid pace now.

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