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This is the main page of Own-Mailbox development.


Please see this page: testing Own-Mailbox.

Roadmap and version realase


Work is in progress for releasing an alpha version. Consult the status map.



status map

Probable date of release: January/February 2016.

General principal overview


Own-Mailboxes exchange emails directly through the tor network. Both the content and meta-data are protected. For that purpose own-Mailboxes host tor hidden services, for SMTP, webmail (HTTPS) and IMAPS. The webmail interface can be accessed directly through the tor browser.

In order to be compatible with the outside of the tor network, the Own-Mailbox project maintains a proxy server (for SMTP and TLS), which will allow you to receive email normally, access the webmail form a normal browser, or consult your emails in a normal email client.

Association between domain names ( and tor hidden service address is made through a TXT record of DNS. It implies that we must provide a way to access DNS anonymously to preserve meta-data protection.

Proxy Infrastructure and Service

Proxy Service: ✓

This service will allow an own-mailbox hosting tor hidden services for emails to be reachable from non-tor services and applications.

Tor hidden service discovery ✓

We need a way for anyone to request the tor hidden service address (.onion) hosting a given email address. This will allow two own-mailbox users (or tor users) to exchange emails directly through tor without using the proxy sever.

We can use a DNS TXT record for that. Google DNS servers accepts requests in TCP, and therefore can be requested anonymously through tor.

Outgoing email relay

We need to setup an outgoing email relay (SMTP relay).

TLD Service

We will need in the future to provide TLD domains for email addresses.

Own-Mailbox Software image

First time setup Interface

We need to create a web interface in order to do the following:

  • Set admin password + hostname
  • Tor setup (Create a new .onion service)
  • Choose a domain name (* + Client-server communication
  • Create TLS key + Letsencrypt
  • Add new user & imap account.
  • Config mailpile for this user.

Postfix configuration: SMTP over Tor

We need a special configure of postfix or modification into the code so that if possible it sends email through tor , respecting the protocol defined in the paper.

See also this page: Tor_delivery

Operating system

Setup a debian system image for different hardware targets with:

  • Postfix (Special configuration)
  • courrier-imap
  • Apache
  • mysql
  • Mailpile
  • Tor & torsocks
  • TTdnsd
  • Iptables to forbid everything but tor & localnetwork
  • Own-Mailbox_first-time-setup-ihm

Administration panel

Not before the beta version.

Own-Mailbox Hardware

Electronics ✓

The last version of the board based on A13 is working. We have several prototypes working fine in terms of hardware.


We may need a new shape for the casing in order to make a distinction with the first version of Own-Mailbox. The new casing should cheaper and easier to produce in batch than the previous one.