Your mailbox protecting your privacy!

Plug it in at your home to read and write emails privately from anywhere in the world.

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What is Own-Mailbox?

Own-Mailbox is a personal email server you can run in your own home, with strong privacy protection measures integrated at its core. It provides self-hosted email addresses, and allows you to protect the content of your emails, and the meta-data, from mass surveillance.

Own-Mailbox, is very easy to set-up and use - as easy as a GMail account.

Own-Mailbox automatically encrypts your emails using Gnu Privacy Guard, a strong encryption software. This is the same software that has been used by Edward Snowden (as shown in the movie citizenfour).

Own-Mailbox also allows you to protect your meta-data thanks to the tor network: the information that you exchanged emails with another own-mailbox user, and the anonymity of your email account, will be protected.

Own-mailbox will be available for sale as a plug-and-play stand-alone hardware, or can be used as a software image for Raspberry pi.

Our Values

Freedom matters

100% Free Software, 100% Open-Hardware.

Privacy matters.

Private emails, 100% auditable.

Own-Mailbox is yours

We make everything so you are the only one in control. Even we don't have access to your messages.

Own-Mailbox is easy to use

We want to make sure it is usable by anyone.

Made with Love

We do this in an attempt to do good for humanity!

Own-mailbox protects your privacy.

Protects the content of your emails.
Protects your relations: the information that you exchanged emails with another own-mailbox user.
Protects your anonymity and identity: the assocation between an email address and a real person.

Access from anywhere in the world.

When your Own-Mailbox is in your home, you can access your emails from anywhere in the world through a webmail interface, using standard email software or via your smartphone. However you choose to access it, your communications will be encrypted end-to-end with your Own-Mailbox to preserve your privacy.

Main features

You create self-hosted mailboxes.
Plug and play!
Almost any Internet connection will do to host your Own-Mailbox, even a 4G connection. Seamlessly change internet connection at any moment.
Strong encryption of the content of your emails with Gnu Privacy Guard.
Strong protection of the meta-data and content thanks to the tor network.
You are the only one in control of your privacy.
Energy Efficient.

How does it work?

Own-Mailboxes exchange emails directly through the tor network. Both the content and meta-data are therefore protected. Each Own-Mailbox hosts a tor hidden service, for SMTP, HTTPS (webmail) and IMAPS. The webmail interface can be accessed directly through the tor browser.

In order to be compatible with the outside of the tor network, the Own-Mailbox project maintains a set of proxy servers (for SMTP and TLS). You will therefore be able to receive emails as you would with a normal email address, and access your webmail form a normal browser while keeping end-to-end encryption, with your Own-Mailbox.

How can I exchange encrypted emails form anywhere?

Your Own-Mailbox stays at your home, encrypts and decrypts emails via GPG for you, and send them through tor when possible. You can communicate safely with your Own-Mailbox from anywhere in the world, thanks to HTTPS.

Meet our team!

The project was initiated by Pierre Parent.We are now a team of French engineers working on this project, all graduated from Insa de Rouen!

Pierre Parent

Romain Kornig

team ~-a-t-~ own-mailbox [dot] com